Happy Birthday to Johnny!

Johnny is 9

This kid... this kid is 9 years old today. My mind always goes back to the time when we were trying to get pregnant; the years I wondered if we were ever going to be blessed with a child together. I prayed for this boy. I begged God to give me the chance to be a mom. After years of trying, the day came that I was able to take a pregnancy test and it actually come back positive. My mind was … [Read more...]

Springtime sunflower cake

springtime sunflower cake

One of my favorite desserts I have made recently was our cake for Easter. It didn't take all that long to make and was seriously adorable. I wanted something for spring but wasn't interested in an "Easter" cake. I wanted something fun and cute but delicious as well. This was a huge hit with all the kids especially but even the adults liked it. I will admit to taking my Peep off and sharing it … [Read more...]

Parks, Picnics and Playgrounds: Outdoor Activities in Washington, D.C.

washington dc

One of my dreams is to visit Washington D.C. I am not sure it will ever happen but I have a whole set of ideas of what I want to do if I ever get there. This guest post from Fiona Moriarty gives some great ideas of things you can do if you happen to make it to Washington D.C. for a fun, family vacation. Be sure to send me some pictures of your trip! ~~~~~~ When the weather warms up in … [Read more...]

Earn FREE beef with Helper and enjoy an quick and easy Mexican meal!

Mexican Dinner

Today’s post is sponsored by Helper, but my love for their Free Ground Beef Rebate option is all my own! Ever try to make a Mexican meal in 30 minutes or less? It is not an easy task! Well, thanks to Helper, you now can enjoy a delicious Mexican meal in less than 30 minutes and it will be a hit with your whole house! Making it even better, you can earn free beef too! We used to eat … [Read more...]