So, how is baby Jemma?

by Stefany on February 24, 2013

JemmaI know it has been a bit since I updated all the loyal friends that were and are praying for Jemma and I thought this is a good time to do so.  

Jemma is amazing.  Jemma is truly a miracle.

A month ago, she was on a ventilator.  A month ago, I prayed without ceasing for her to be well.

Today, Jemma is playing and running around.  She is getting into toys and even things she isn’t supposed to.

She is eating like there is no tomorrow.

Jemma updateShe is happy.  She is also very stubborn and has a angry streak like no other.

She has her voice back and, let me tell you, she can use it.  She lets her wants or not-wants be known.

She is back to her old self with walking around and even has mastered the kicking her foot while standing to throw a tantrum.

Jemma ThodeShe is finished with her wean and, as of right now, takes no medicine.  She has an appointment in early-March to see how she is doing.

There may be long-term problems to deal with and we are prepared for that.  You don’t get that sick without some worry.

And I worry.  I worry about a lot.  She coughs and I think back to what we went through… what she went through.

She is getting all 4 molars plus her canines in right now.  The poor baby has been through so much but she still smiles.

She is huggable and kissable and is the most lovey little girl ever.

We are so blessed.  We know it.  I pray everyday; I thank God that my baby is HERE with me and pray for her to fully recover.

Because HE is good.

Thode kids

My thoughts exactly Johnny.  This rocks!  Having baby Jemma home truly rocks.



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