Brugo Mug Review and Giveaway

Brugo Mug

I love coffee and, as I have mentioned before, I prefer ice coffee because I don’t like hot liquids and don’t want to wait for my coffee to cool.  That has all changed since the Brugo mug has come into my life.  The Brugo is the best thing since sliced bread, if you ask me.

orange brugoWhat makes it so special?  Well, besides the super snazzy look, the Brugo has a very special temperature control chamber.  Sounds technical, right?  Well, it isn’t.  The Brugo has a tilt and sip mechanism that allows you to tilt the cup back to get some of your drink into that chamber.  You do a little swirl with your mug (think of how you would wine or brandy) and that cools your liquid.  Seriously!  Now, you are ready to drink… well, not just drink but drink without burning your mouth!!!

It really works and has been my go-to mug for all coffee and tea since I received it.  If you are drinking something cold, you don’t have to put your Brugo away.  You can put it on the sip setting (on the lid) and just drink as you normally would.  The Brugo is leakproof as well and can be “locked” so no liquid comes out (be sure to make sure there is nothing in the chamber by taking a quick sip first).  I do wish the lid had the different settings in a different color because it is hard to see what you are on (it is black on black).

I love my Brugo.  My one complaint is that I often have to clean it to use it because it is not dishwasher safe.  While that stinks, it doesn’t stop me from getting my Brugo out every time I go for a hot drink.  No longer am I stuck drinking cold coffee; now I can drink all the hot stuff too!

You can purchase a Brugo for $19.95 (or $14.95 each if buying two or more).  These would make a fantastic gift for anyone who travels outside the home for the job.  They can keep their beverage hot and enjoy it too.  As a mom, I love it because I can set my Brugo down and come back to it and not have cold coffee that is meant to be hot.  I can take that first sip when I want it and not have to wait, which often leads to a cold cup sitting on the counter forgotten in the turmoil.

Be sure to check the Brugo mug out for yourself or someone you love.  They will thank you!

Brugo has kindly offered one Brugo as a giveaway!

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  1. cassandra (rab pom) says

    i would love mine in flamingo.
    i follow under cassandra marquez :) ty!

  2. Linda Steelman Jarraf says

    Red is my fav. color and could sure use a good travel mug. Somehow they seem to disappear around here.

  3. Gladys Parker says

    Like the navy blue AND You have just voted for ToBeThode
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

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