It was a wonderfully blessed day!

Johnny First Communion on steps

One of the most rewarding things I have found in my life as a mother is seeing the presence of God in my kids' lives. This past weekend was one of those moments where I was able to see it very brightly. Johnny made his First Communion on Saturday. He was dressed up and looking so handsome. Seeing his love for Jesus has been such an amazing thing for me. Watching him pray, sing his love, and be … [Read more...]

Oh what a difference a year makes!

nye 2012

New Year's Eve of 2012 is when everything kinda happened. Jemma wasn't feeling well and she slept in the chair with me all night. It was the next day that I decided to take her to the hospital and the whole nightmare started and continued for 32 days. I have been a ball of nerves this past week. I have told you all before how I honestly think I have PTSD from Jemma's hospitalization. It doesn't … [Read more...]

Saying Goodbye to Lucky

lucky 2

Yesterday was a very rough day for my family. Our sweet 3-legged rescue dog, Lucky, had to be laid to rest. She became ill when I was in Detroit on Thursday when she had a seizure. She recovered from it but was just not quite herself. She had one more on Friday evening and really didn't full recover before another very early on Saturday morning. It was about 2am when I went outside and talked … [Read more...]

Choosing Happiness


With each day of this year, there have been struggles. We started off the year with Jemma in the hospital and have since lost our house, I have been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and deal with severe pain daily, and things have just been hard. We have dealt with death of a pet, loss of belongings, and so much more. It has been difficult to stay positive day in and day out. Our financial … [Read more...]