Pumpkin Coffee Cake Recipe

pumpkin coffee cake recipe

It seems that this time of year, pumpkin recipes just start popping up. So, while I am helping that trend, I want to tell you one thing... you will want this recipe any time of the year! This is a recipe that takes pumpkin and turns it into a delicious breakfast or even just for a after-dinner dessert. There is nothing better than a delicious breakfast cake. Am I right? Whether a quiet … [Read more...]

15 Fabulous Fall Home Decor Crafts

fall home decor crafts

Fall is my favorite time of the year to decorate. The colors are rich, the tones are darker, and there is just so much you can do! This collection will give you some ideas to help you get started with your own fall decorating. These crafts are more for adults, but kiddos can help.   1. Stenciled CD/DVD coasters 2. DIY Fall Monogram Wreath 3. Paper Pumpkin 4. Gold Harvest … [Read more...]

Top 10 Streaming Movie and Television Services

top streaming services

It seems more and more people are choosing to drop cable and dish services and go to a streaming-only existence. There are a number of options available to you for streaming TV and movies. Here is a brief list of what you can use to get the entertainment you want. Netflix Netflix offers a variety of streaming services from television shows to movies. I have found endless hours of entertainment … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Creating a Garden Oasis

7 Tips To Creating A Garden Oasis

While most of us think of summer gardens as a way to produce vegetables for our family and save money in our food budget, they can also become great places to relax and commune with nature. Here are 7 Tips To Creating A Garden Oasis. Not only can you create a garden full of vegetables, herbs and flowers that will help your family eat healthier meals, you can give yourself a beautiful place to … [Read more...]

50 Best Blueberry Recipes!

50 Blueberry Recipes

Blueberries one of my favorite fruits to cook with. I wanted to give you the best list of recipes that use blueberries and here it is! Let me know in the comments which one sounds the best to you! 1. Baked Blueberry Pancakes 2. Antioxidant Summer Salad 3. Blueberry Custard Bread 4. Red, White, and Blue Crumble 5. New York Style Cheesecake 6. Blueberry Popovers 7. Yogurt Covered … [Read more...]