Oh what a difference a year makes!

nye 2012

New Year's Eve of 2012 is when everything kinda happened. Jemma wasn't feeling well and she slept in the chair with me all night. It was the next day that I decided to take her to the hospital and the whole nightmare started and continued for 32 days. I have been a ball of nerves this past week. I have told you all before how I honestly think I have PTSD from Jemma's hospitalization. It doesn't … [Read more...]

8 months out and feeling fine


It really is hard to believe it has been 8 months since we walked out the doors of Children's Hospital. It has been 8 months since the nightmare ended and life for my baby began anew. Things haven't always been easy over the past 8 months. Jemma had severe withdrawals from her medication and was on a round-the-clock dosing at home for over 2 weeks after we left the hospital. At times she fought … [Read more...]

Jemma suffers and she doesn’t even know. I know. I cry. I pray.

This post comes after another very long night of no sleep.  Bear with me for a few... You wouldn't know from looking at that sweet baby above what troubles she has. You wouldn't know that she has lungs similar to that of an aged person. You wouldn't know the fear and anxiety that troubles her on a daily basis. You wouldn't know that she struggles to breathe some days. How could you? She looks … [Read more...]

Wrestling an alligator (aka giving Jemma a breathing treatment)

It has been quite some time since I gave you all an update on Jemma.  Today, I wanted to update you on how my sweet baby girl is doing. We went to see the Pulmonologist last week for Jemma's quarterly visit.  They were overall very happy with how she is progressing. Her language is right on and her fine and gross motor skills are perfect for her age. Basically, she has done a great job in … [Read more...]

Jemma Doctor Update


    I know I owe you all an update from Jemma's doctor appointment this week.  Now that I have had time to process it all, I will give you the rundown of what we now know... Jemma's xray was "slightly better" than when we left the hospital.  They still see some stuff in the upper right lobe.  The doctor said that it is most likely lung damage but they aren't sure the effect, if … [Read more...]