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Jewelry In Candles Review and Dazzling Reveal

by Stefany on August 29, 2014

disclosure: I received a candle for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

JIC black cherry candle

Name a female (or maybe male?) that doesn’t love good smelling scents and jewelry. Okay, so maybe there are a few out there in this world, but the vast majority I am sure would fit the bill when it comes to loving good scents and pretty jewelry. I have the best option to meet both of those desire… Jewelry in Candles.

When my candle arrived, I was first taken by the scent. It was a pure, true scent. It didn’t smell like wax, it smelled just like I would expect a black cherry to smell. It smelled good enough to eat! The true test was if it smelled that good, consistently, while burning and I have to say that it absolutely does. The candle burns clean and you won’t find the big puff of black smoke billowing out from it like some candles you may have. It is made from 100% all-natural soy wax so it is safe to burn too!

What you will find is a smell that is strong enough to cover a large area of your home without being overpowering. We have a small house and, when I burn my Jewelry in Candles candle, I can smell it from the kitchen to the bedroom. My husband commented immediately when he first walked in house the first day I burned it wanting to know what smelled “so good”.

Another thing I noticed about my candle is that it burns evenly. You won’t find a big hole in the center with the edges raised. You will find an even burn all the way down on the candle, burn after burn. This is important to me when I am looking at future purchases because this means that I will truly get my money’s worth from Jewelry in Candles as it will burn the entire candle, all the way to the bottom. Candles are 21oz and you will get 100 to 150 hours of burn time from each one.

If you would rather have tarts, Jewelry in Candles has them as well. You can buy 5.5oz package of 6 scented wax tarts. These will give you about 60 hours of fragrance and one piece of surprise jewelry in each package of tarts. You just need to have a warmer and you are set for hours of wonderful scents.

JIC jewelry

So, how do the candles work? Once your candle burns down a bit, you will find a foil-wrapped package on the side behind the label. I didn’t realize it was there until my husband pointed it out to me one day. I was so excited to see what jewelry I received that I may have pulled it out a bit prematurely (and burnt my finger in the process). No harm though, just be more careful than I am and practice a bit more patience!

Unwap your foil and you will find a little baggie with your jewelry inside. The jewelry never touches the wax so don’t be concerned about that. Pull your jewelry out of the baggie and you are ready to wear it! This isn’t a completely random thing either! You get to choose from women’s and men’s rings, necklaces, or earrings. They will be in the size you want as well so there is no worry about it not fitting.

My Jewelry In Candles reveal

The jewelry? Well my jewelry is gorgeous (truly, Jemma even says so. See my video reveal above). My ring is a yellow stone with faux diamonds on each side. It sparkles and shines and is really beautiful. I love it and have seen similar faux stones in stores for much more than what this double whammy candle/jewelry combo costs!

JIC ring

Pricing is affordable too! The tarts cost $15.95 for 6 and the 21oz candle is $24.95. If you consider the amount of time the candle/tarts burn plus your beautiful piece of jewelry, I think that is a complete steal. I will definitely be getting another scent soon. I’m thinking my next scent will be either Orange Dreamsicle or Spiced Coffee.

Want to know more? You can find all the scents and learn more about Jewelry in Candles on the website. I encourage you to think about these for gifts for teachers, friends, babysitters, or even bridal or baby showers. A new mom would love this too! You (and they) won’t be disappointed!

What scent would you like to try?


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