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scarypants collection

We recently were sent this fun collection of SpongeBob Squarepants episodes for review (all opinions are my own, of course). Johnny was thrilled when this arrived. He is the one in my house that loves SpongeBob and has been for several years. He thinks that the shows are funny and I can often hear him giggling while watching them.

This collection includes the following episodes:

SpongeBob SquarePants: SpongeBob’s Halloween Collection Episodes:

·       Scaredy Pants
·       Imitation Krabs
·       Frankendoodle
·       I Was a Teenage Gary
·       Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
·       Secret Box
·       Band Geeks
·       Welcome to the Chum Bucket
·       My Pretty Seahorse
·       The Idiot Box

·       Ghoul Fools
·       The Curse of Bikini Bottom
·       Ghost Host
·       Born Again Krabs
·       Arrgh!
·       Your Shoe’s Untied
·       Money Talks

·       Music Video: “Scaredy Pants”
·       SpongeBob SquarePants Video Game Sneak Peek

Johnny said there are a lot of great episodes included in SpongeBob ScaryPants Collection  and can’t pick just one that he likes best. He has been enjoying these for a few weeks now I am going to agree that he likes them all!

You can purchase this DVD collection in stores and online now. Be sure to grab it for some SpongeBob Halloween fun!

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Thursday Giveaway Linky for 9/18

September 18, 2014
Thursday Giveaway Button

You can find some giveaways found right here on the sidebar to the right —–>>>> Add your giveaways below. Be sure to include an end date!

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The Wiggles: Apples and Bananas DVD Review (and Giveaway)

September 15, 2014

My best friend, Laura, is a mom to 6 boys (bless her heart!), and she was sent the following DVD to review for my blog. Laura has her own mind and opinion so the following is what she thinks! “Apples and Bananas is a tasty musical treat! Join the Wiggles as they add their special Wiggles magic to favorite nursery rhymes and songs.  Sing along with special guest Lee Hawkins to This Little Piggy Went to Market and with the delightful Dennisha Pratt on Miss Polly Had a Dolly. There’s the “spider-iffic” Itsy Bitsy Spider, Dorothy the Dinosaur swings on Shortnin’ Bread, then we jump on board for The Wheels on the Bus and This Old Man Came Rolling Home! The Wiggles travel across the globe to Ireland for I’ll Tell […]

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Why we love the soft, huggable Mooshka dolls

September 12, 2014
mooshka dolls

As a mom of girls, one thing they can’t get enough of are dolls. In fact, Jemma’s birthday is less than a month away and the only thing she says she wants for her big day is DOLLS! We have had a number of different kinds of dolls and all have found a way into my girls’ hearts, but none so much as Mooshka dolls. We recently were sent two Mooshka dolls for review and I want to share with you today what we thought about them. The story of the Mooshka dolls is that they were paper doll friends (their hands can join together) and “through the power of friendship they sprung into sweet, huggable girls”. So sweet! What makes these dolls so special? […]

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It’s a Hello Kitty Fashion Show!

September 11, 2014
joley runway

A huge thank you to Sippy Cup Mom (Melissa) for the invite to this event. We received the products mentioned in exchange for our participation… but we would have went for the cupcakes. We recently were invited by my very dear friend Melissa (Sippy Cup Mom) to participate in a Hello Kitty Fashion Show. It was centered around back-to-school and I just happen to have a little girl starting school this year and a lover of all things Hello Kitty. We were thrilled to be part of this fun event. Melissa really did an amazing job with decorations and setting the stage for this fun day. Not only that, but the food was absolutely amazing! So amazing, in fact, that Johnny helped himself to a stomach ache before […]

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