Find great deals on sporting goods at Sports Unlimited

columbia rain jacket

I am a comfort-seeking person. I am not interested in wearing dresses and high heels. I know that on occasion they are a necessary evil, but if you look at me most any day, you will see me in jeans and hoodies. The same is true for my outerwear. I don't want to wear something that I am uncomfortable in for the sake of fashion. Lucky for me, I was able to review a rain jacket from Sports Unlimited … [Read more...]

Disney Infinity 2.0 is 2 times the fun for kids

johnny disney infinity

When the Christmas season came upon us, there were only two things my son wanted. He is past the point of really having many toys he likes; video games are his thing. He has been playing the Disney Infinity my parents bought for him for his birthday last year and decided he wanted Disney Infinity 2.0 this year. We were so thankful to be sent a copy for review and below you will find our thoughts … [Read more...]

Giving the gift of identity safety with Fellowes

fellowes m12c

You know all those stories of people who have had their identity stolen? It may all seem like it is "someone else" but that isn't the case in my family. My mom had her identity stolen a few years ago. She has no idea how it happened and didn't even know until they filed their taxes and her social security number had come up already used. Talk about a scary situation! I participated in an … [Read more...]

VTech Switch and Go Dinos Turbo is remote control fun for kids

switch and go dino

I've been dealing with some issues this year when buying for my son. At 8 years old, he isn't showing much interest in toys anymore. He is still not interested in clothes though so we are limited to electronics for most of his gifts. Unfortunately, electronics are often expensive so that, in itself, limits our ability to purchase them. I miss the days of him loving all toys. I was really excited … [Read more...]