Wordless Wednesday

We are so lucky to live close to the St Louis Zoo. It is an amazing place and the admission is free so we can go often. We recently headed out there on a super nice day. Johnny brought a friend along and we had a blast. Here are some of the pictures from our day.

st louis zoo

joley elephant

zoo gorilla sculpture


jemma zoo

goat st louis zoo

jemma with goat

girls at zoo

childrens zoo

butterfly house

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Wordless Wednesday… my baby girl

June 4, 2014
Jemma black and white

My mom grabbed this picture of Jemma at a ball game a few weeks ago. I love it!

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Wordless Wednesday

February 5, 2014
knit hat

This is the latest knitting project. Jemma has a new hat! I love the fluffy yarn that is weaved in at different levels. It was a quick project and she loves it.

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Wordless Wednesday | I love this dog

January 15, 2014
elvis ears

This dog… I had no idea how much he would become a part of our lives. I always have a connection to my pets but he is very special. He is such a good dog and is perfect for our family.  

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Wordless Wednesday: St Louis Snow days!

January 8, 2014
st louis snow

We had the biggest amount of snow I have seen in quite some time recently. Over the weekend, we got about 10 inches of snow and the temperatures dipped below freezing. On Monday, it was so cold the windchill was in the -30 range!!! Needless to say, we stayed inside and tried to stay warm. I kept my kids indoors but the dogs, of course, had to go outside. This is Elvis. He is about 80lbs and comes to my thigh when he stands. The snow was deep enough that he had to jump to get through! This is what we had at 1:30pm on Sunday. The snow kept coming down at a good rate for hours after that. What have you been up to??? […]

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