Celebrating 120 years with Cracker Jack snacks

Disclosure: I received sample product for the purpose of review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Cracker Jack brand is responsible for the giveaway product.

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I remember, as a child, one of my favorite things to eat was Cracker Jack snacks.  Now, I would have to say how old that makes me but I was surprised to learn that Cracker Jack snacks are much older than I am.  Did you know that they have been around for 120 years?!?  That is 120 years of goodness with no major changes… except now when they are only making the already-loved snack even better.

Anyway, as a child, I loved that I got cool prizes in every box and, as a caramel corn lover it was always a great treat! Whether it was at a ballgame or at home, Cracker Jack snacks were something I grew up loving. As time went on, I had my own children and shared my love of these delicious snacks with my kids.


I was so surprised to see some new varieties in the store and super excited to get an email asking if I wanted to work with Cracker Jack brand.  We received a box with some delicious snacks included.  Butter Toffee and Kettle Corn are the new flavors that my kids have truly loved digging into.  But, it isn’t just the new flavors we are happy about.  There are now more nuts in each bag of the original flavor, and there are some really cool new prizes.  There are the classic stickers, which we love, but also fun facts and digital codes that unlock surprises online or through the free Cracker Jack-branded app (www.crackerjackapp.com).  The app features two fun and nostalgic games, baseball and pinball.


So, what is my favorite flavor of Cracker Jack snacks?  I think I still like the original flavor best.  My kids both agree that they like the Butter Toffee flavor best.  I encourage you to give these tasty snacks a try!  What do you think your favorite will be… or have you tried the new flavors already?


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