Earning double Paw Points with Fresh Step and our take on Cat-bearding! #cbias


One of my least favorite things to do is change the litter boxes. Seriously. Not fun at all. In fact, not having to change the litter boxes was one perk of being pregnant. Alas, those days are long over and the job now falls on both me and my husband. We have two litter boxes; one on the upper level and one in the basement. Needless to say, we want a litter that keeps the box smelling fresh, or at the very least not stinking. Our house is small and walking in to smell a litter box is not my idea of inviting. We have turned to Fresh Step cat litter for years now. It is the one formula that we find has worked consistently. But, Fresh Step keeps making their formula better and better. Just when I think they can’t be beat, they come out with a new, better OdorShield Formula that keeps my house smelling, well, like a cat doesn’t live here! Why is it so good you may ask? Well, the Fresh Step OdorShield Formula fights odors naturally with the addition of plant extracts.

Fresh Step goes even further and lets you earn Paw Points for buying their litter. Throughout the month of October, you can earn double Paw Points with every purchase (must be from Sam’s Club) that you enter into your Paw Points Account.

It’s really rather simple. Go to the FreshStep.com site.

Fresh Step Site #shop

Log in (or sign up, it’s easy). Then, you simply enter your code and then use the drop down menu below that to choose your store. We had a couple codes to enter this time but each new bag we bought from Sam’s earned us 100 points right now!

Paw Points #shop

Remember, this is only for 42 lb. package at Sam’s Club and only until 10/31.

fresh step package #shop

With your paw points, you can “buy” items from magazine subscriptions to toys for your pet. We spend our points in another way though. Every time we earn enough to donate, we “buy” an ASPCA donation. This time I was able to send $5 to them.

Paw Points reward #shop

Now, back to my least favorite job around.

Since I was working on this shop, my loving husband took over litter box duty today (yay!). There are a few things I really do like about Fresh Step litter. One, I like the handle that allows you to carry the bag and use as leverage when you are pouring.

fresh step handle #shop

Two, I love the re-closable bags. We can store the bags without fear that litter will spill all over the place.

fresh step zip close #shop

Third, I love that the litter isn’t very dusty. We have some asthma issues in our house and find that a little dust is to be expected, but it isn’t bad and never a problem for any of us.

fresh step no dust #shop

All the while that this was happening, two other things were going on at the same time…

Lucy was waiting very patiently. You see, as soon as there is a clean litter box, she runs in there to do her business.


The other thing happening? Well, the girls were doing what they do best… getting right in the middle of everything when you least need them there.

girls #shop

At the end of the day, we love our cat and want her to be happy and healthy. We love to have a clean smelling house though to so there is a delicate balance that has to be met. Using Fresh Step cat litter certainly helps us accomplish that balance.

One more thing before I go today… have you heard about the newest crazy, cat-bearding? I had no idea what it was until I started seeing it show up online. I will go on the record saying that Lucy wasn’t a fan of cat-bearding and I have about 40 outtakes that I can’t use for this post. haha But, I wanted to share one of the cat-bearding photos I did get with her!

catbeard #shop

So, tell me… have you tried cat-bearding yet? I would LOVE to see some pictures of your own cat-beards. Leave me a comment below and I will check them out.


  1. says

    Hahaha – LOVE cat bearding. Also, that’s a great little program. We go through cat litter like crazy, and it’s only for 1 cat. Sounds like a great/brand variety of litter too.

  2. Janet W. says

    What a cute cat you have there! We don’t own any cats because several of my family members are allergic.

  3. says

    That is a very compelling review and if I had a cat I’d be very excited. What DID excite me was the cat mustache pic and the picture of your little girls participating so actively in the goings on! The tutu is precious!

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