Eye twitching and pregnancy???

I have been having a problem for several weeks and it is about to drive me insane.  My eye is twitching.  It is my left eye all the time and it does it the vast majority of the day.  When the same eye started watering and causing more discomfort, I decided enough was enough and headed to the eye doctor.  Since then, I have found that this is a very common problem for pregnant women so I wanted to share what the doctor told me.  For the record, these eye twitching solutions are for everyone, not just pregnant women.

After several questions about my eye history and medical history frpm the tech, the optometrist finally came in to see me.  She asked me what my complaints were and I immediately told her (I was ready to just get back home at this point)…. my eye twitches and waters.  She looked right at me and said “there isn’t anything I can do for the twitching”.  Ummm, what???  I was hoping for a little more than that to be honest.   She then told me that the watering may be helped.  Sadly, I would rather have a watery eye than a twitching one but, hey what can you do?!?

She told me that eye twitching is very common in pregnancy but it also affects people of any age and/or gender.  She said that the main reasons this occurs is because of stress and fatigue.  The solution?  Decrease your stress level and get more rest.  Yeah, easier said than done, right?  She told me that Botox could help (I am not certain if she was pulling my leg or being serious though!) but that is nothing I would be interested in doing.  Her only other advice?  Stop thinking about it because it will only make it worse.  Geez, thanks doc!

The watery eye is actually a result of dry eye.   The solution is very simple to this one.  Head to the pharmacy and purchase some eye lubricants.  They can be used several times a day and will help with the dry eye problem… which will take care of the watery eye problem.  That seems backwards to me but it does help apparently.  Another sadly… I can’t put drops in my own eyes so I haven’t be able to do this yet.  I know, I know.  A nurse can’t do eye drops?  I can give others drops anytime and anywhere.  Me, not so much.

So, there you go.  Get some rest, stop the stress and lube up (your eye).  Easy peasy, right?  Has anyone else ever had this most annoying problem?

p.s. I was going to put an image on this post for your viewing pleasure but the eye pictures freaked me out!


  1. says

    I had a twitching left eye at one point, but it was most caused due to a lot of stress. Strange feeling when your eye jumps without being able to control it.

  2. Mike Lewis says

    I have that problem as well when I stay late night on the computer, and every time I am stressed or have a deadline at work, the eye starts to go crazy !

    Will try that potato tip Luke talked about but I want to get rid of this problem forever, but I think it’s just not possible..

  3. Luke says

    I was having this problem and it was caused by tired eye muscles (giving me also a nice purple look…). Putting cold things helped.
    I used sliced potatoes .

  4. Gerard van Dijk says

    Its nothing to worry about, I have it all the time, can’t help it though. It disappears after a while :)

  5. says

    I get twitchy eye all the time! So far I can remember I got it even when I was a kid. Somethimes I get twichy muscle in my arm or leg, man that’s annoying!

    I don’t think you can do much about it, but being irritated over it makes the whole thing much worse :)
    I usually wait some hours and it is gone. Last time I had twitchy eye, it went on for 2 days…

  6. anna says

    :) I can just imagine the picture… I also have the same problem so I know exactly how you feel. Its so annoying, ahh! hope it will pass soon )

  7. Miranda K says

    At times it can be from an infection such as a sinus infection. I get the twitchy eye from time to time. So does my mom.

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