Facebook Ticker and How to Stop Your Updates from Showing Up

by Stefany on September 25, 2011

So, I have seen a ton of people asking me to hover over their name and do some song and dance to keep their comments and activity from showing up.  This got me thinking though… there has to be a way to protect myself versus relying on others to do it for me.  I don’t want my activity showing up in the scrolling ticker any more than my friends who are asking for help.

Well, I believe I may have figured out how to do this.

Start by going to the page asking if you want to allow subscribers.

Subscribers FacebookClick to allow subscribers… stick with me a second.  I know this doesn’t make any sense but it will.

After you click the “allow subscribers”, a pop-up will appear.  All you need to do is click the Turn this Off.

turn off subscribers

What this will do is remove your updates, postings, etc. from the scrolling ticker of anyone that is not a mutual friend/fan of the person you are commenting too.  For example, if you and Sally are both friends with Bob, you will get a little notification when Sally and Bob are chatting on Facebook.  Sally and Bob will not get a notification when you are chatting with someone they aren’t mutually friends with.  You are basically getting an updated version of how our feed used to look… but on the right side of our screen.

Obviously, if you want subscribers, this won’t work for you and you will be sending out your activity on the little scrolling ticker.  If you are like me, and apparently many of my friends, and you don’t want your every move known, this will work.  I have tested this with a few friends and it works well.  I can’t make any promises though as it is just me and my little brain figuring this out.

Update:  One thing I have found is that if you LIKE or comment on a fan page, your friends may see that.  My husband was able to see that I liked and commented on a fan page of a friend’s blog.  He still can’t see any of the updates, likes, etc. I make on non-mutual friend walls… only on public pages.  Plus, if your friend has their privacy settings to “public”, you may not have a choice anyway.  But, this will keep your information from showing up on those who have more restrictive privacy settings.  Basically, it is not a fix for every situation but it is a good start to taking back your Facebook privacy.  If you have any problems, go through the steps again.

Please tweet, share, stumble or whatever else to get this information out.  Maybe, in time, your and my Facebook wall will be status updates again instead of people begging for their privacy rights!

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