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Not too long ago, my husband won an iPad2.  We had an original iPad, but with the second version, a camera was available.  Little did I know how many fun things could be done with that camera capability!  One such thing is the Cypher Kids Cards.

Cypher Kids Numbers

Cypher Kids Letters

These are really very cool!  They are educational cards that come to life on your iPad (or other Apple product with a camera).  They are simple enough to be used by younger children too!  Joley just turned 4 (yesterday!) and she was able to figure out the cards without any difficulty.

ToBeThode Cypher Kids

The thing we had the most difficulty with is figuring out a good way to have the card in front of the camera without being in the hands of the baby!  So, here is how it works.  You purchase the Cypher Kids Cards from the Apple Store.  Next, you download the apps.  You can find the codes right on your boxes. 

Cypher Kids App

Once you have your cards (super fast and FREE shipping), you pull up your app.  We have the Numbers and Letters cards.  I really enjoyed the letters because they talked to the kids about letter sounds.  But, the numbers were neat too because it counts with them.  Regardless, whatever cards you have, pull up that app.  Next, choose the card you want to use and find it on the screen.  Now, place the card about 12 inches from the camera. 

Cypher Kids Cards

That little symbol needs to catch the eye of the camera.  When it does, your iPad turns to life!  A 3D image will appear and the numbers or letters (in my case) will start talking, moving, and dancing! 

Cypher Kids Screenshot

My kids really do enjoy these cards.  I especially love that they are able to play together with them!  The process of buying them was super easy and figuring out how to use them was a cinch.  My kids played with them for quite some time last night and, being an educational toy, that is a huge win in my book!

If you know a child who loves technology, this would be a great gift for them.  Teachers would love this too as another method of teaching letters and numbers.  Joley was singing and counting along last night and I think many children would enjoy these fun, interactive cards. 

Cypher Kids Cards

They are affordable too!  As you can see, I paid just over $60 for 2 sets.   Be sure to check them out this holiday season for a special kiddo in your life!  #CypherKidsClub is sure to be a hit in your home too!

You can find Cypher on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and  Cypher Kids Club #CBias #SocialFabric.  All opinions are my own.


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