We’re home… Thank God!

Jemma going home

Last Friday (yes, it has been a week and I’m sorry!) we were given the best news… Jemma could go home!  After 32 days, we were on our way out of the hospital!!!  We had a large amount of prep work to get through including her PICC line being removed, a few trips to the pharmacy, some convincing on my part that I could handle the wean schedule, and lots of bandage removals.  But, we were finally set free and it felt good.  Just walking through the hospital with my baby in my arms knowing we were leaving was a great feeling.  She didn’t quite know what to think of being in her car seat again but she was sleeping within minutes of our leaving.

Jemma home day 1

I kept telling the doctors that she would be a different child once we were home.  They were worried about her not moving around and being so stationary.  I told them she wasn’t comfortable there and I believed once we were home, she would be more active.  I was right.  Immediately upon getting home, she was sitting up and trying to get to the dogs.  The dogs were super happy to see her too!  It was so wonderful to be back in our own environment.

Something else Jemma did really quickly was start to crawl…

Jemma crawling

(Ignore all the stuff in the background… I just set everything down when we walked in and spent some time on the floor with Jemma.)  She was moving that very same day.  I am so proud of my baby girl.

Since last week, Jemma has taken even greater strides to recovery.  She started by walking behind push toys and has progressed to now being able to walk on her own, pull herself up, and is slowly getting back to herself.  The only thing she can’t do at this time is to go from sitting to walking without pulling up on something.  She is still on antibiotics (which she fights tooth and nail) for 3 more days and has 12 days left of her wean.  I am up around-the-clock giving her medicine and I am so exhausted… but it is worth it to be home!  It really is a full-time job taking care of her right now and, for that reason, I have dropped my full-time status at my job.  Physical therapy should start next week and she has some other appointments scheduled over the next few months.  My baby has to come first and everything else will work itself out.

She had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and she is doing “amazing”.  That is the word most often used for her and her recovery… amazing.  I have to say that I agree.  She truly is an amazing little girl.

Thank you for all the prayers for Jemma and my family.  I appreciate them more than you know.


  1. says

    WOW girl, I’m so happy to see you and your baby home.. I actually just now read your 1st blog post I have to tell you left me in tears. My nephew was born with Hypo-Plasic Left Heart Syndrome. One second my brother and sister n law were bringing home a beautiful baby the next they were in Houston for a heart surgery. I am soooo happy to be able to read your AWESOME UPDATE! I cannot imagine how great it feels to come home with your baby after all that time! Amazing news, I’m so happy for you and baby Jemma….

  2. Sarah K. says

    So happy she is better. I’ve been praying and praying for y’all. Glad to read the good news.

  3. Laura @FrugalFamilyTree says

    Thank God she is recovering so well!! I was just telling my husband I need to see how baby Jemma is doing. So many Moms were praying for her. I cannot imagine the emotional pain you have been through. I am so happy she is home with all of you. :)

  4. Trisha says

    So happy to hear you and your daughter are back home. I have been checking every day to see if you have updated. I wanted to see how Gemma was doing.

  5. says

    Praise the Lord. What a fighter you have. Prayers for strength for you mama and the family, plus continued healing. You have such a sweetheart

  6. Wanda McHenry says

    You go Jemma! She’s going to be an outstanding woman when she grows up, maybe President?

  7. Kirstin says

    Hallelujah! This is just proof that the strongest type of prayer in the world is one of a mother for her child, as well as a prayer of other mothers imagining the pain of enduring such a difficult time in your life. I’m so glad your baby is finally home – hopefully her recovery will be rapid. Blessings!

  8. says

    So happy for you! I can’t imagine going through something like that and am so happy your little girl is doing so much better!!!

  9. says

    Wonderful news!

    Oddly enough, when Izzy was finally able to come off all her meds, it was hard to adjust to NOT giving them :p I had gotten so used to it that it felt wrong not to be doing it for a while!

  10. says

    So SO happy to hear this! Just last week a teenage boy from our city died due to what sounded just like what Jemma had and I was horrified for you. What a blessing that Jemma is recovered! Amazing and wonderful! God is GOOD!!

  11. joyce maynard says

    Isnt God Amazing, He is Good, all the time. Glad he was there for your little girl, May God bless you and your family and each and every person that prayed for your child,

  12. melody haller says

    we are soo glad to see this.. since your husband came in to our shop and told me about her we have all been worried and praying for you guys!! glad she is home and ok!! wish nothing but the best for your family and your precious lil girl

  13. says

    This is truly amazing and definitely the answer to so many prayers. I am so happy :) When I think of how ill she was and now she is back home and walking. ((HUGS))

  14. says

    Praise the Lord!! I was just here yesterday or the day before wondering what was going on! I’m so glad your girl is home and doing amazing!! YAY!!!

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