March is National Craft Month so we got to craftin’… Making pillows with the kids

I know it may seem like we are late to the game here, but we actually did this project at the beginning of March.  It has just taken me that long to get my thoughts together and the pictures ready to go…

So, with it being National Craft Month during March, I figured I better do something with the kids to celebrate.  You just say the word “craft” and they get excited.  It doesn’t even have to be anything big, just doing some crafting is always a hit.  I decided this time I was going to put them to work though.  We were going to make some pillows.  They are always laying on the floor watching TV or playing games so these pillows can be used instead of them dragging their bed pillows around the house.

I headed to the fabric store and picked up 3/4 yard of each fleece print I wanted to use.  I picked baseballs for Johnny and a cute bird pattern for Joley.  Besides your fleece, you are going to need a good pair of scissors (or a cutter wheel) and some fiber fill.  I bought this huge bag at Walmart for just a few dollars and, even after making two pillows, I have a ton left for future projects.

pillow stuffing

The first thing you will want to do is cut out the basic shape you are wanting. For the baseball, I made a circle. For the bird fabric, I shaped it into a (loose) bird. Leave enough room that you can cut at least 2.5 to 3 inches around all sides for the ties.

baseball pillow

Next you are going to want to cut all the way around the fabric pieces (joined together). Space out your cuts about 1 inch or so. You don’t have to be precise, unless of course you want to.

cutting pillow

Now the part that the kids can help with… start tying knots. Be careful not to twist up the cuts so that they don’t match up!

tying knots

You may need to do some creative cutting for odd shaped pillows. If you have a squared item, you simply cut the corners out. It works great. But, for a strange cut like the bird, I had to cut some small cuts to make the indentations works well.

bird pillow

Keep tying knots all the way around until you have about 5 or 6 inches left untied. Time to stuff. Grab that Fiberfill and get stuffing. Joley had trouble with the knots so this was her big contribution to our crafting!

fill pillow

Stuff as much as you want; it is totally your preference. Once you feel you have enough filling, simply tie knots on the rest of the pillow. All done! Time to enjoy your new pillow. My kids think these are the best thing since cable TV (ha!) simply because they helped make them. All in all, I paid less than $6 for each pillow!

ToBeThode pillow

ToBeThode pillow

Have you completed any crafts for National Craft Month?


  1. Lisa says

    I just was making a little “Boots” (from Dora) pillow with Maycie yesterday!! Well, a stuffed animal made of felt and we need to go get that stuff to fill him!! :)

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