Newtons Fruit Thins Review

Fruit ThinsIf there is one thing I love, it is something sweet.  If you give me something sweet that is better for me than cookies and ice cream, I am all for it.  Recently, I was given the chance to try new Fruit Thins from Newtons.  Make no mistake about it, this is a cookie and a darn good one too.

The flavor I tried was Cranberry Citrus Oat Fruit Thins (other flavors are Blueberry Brown Sugar, Chocolate Raspberry, and Fig and Honey).  I was a bit leary at first about how good the Fruit Thins were going to be.  They seemed kind of thin to have much flavor.  The truth is that my initial reaction couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The Fruit Thins are so good.  They have a great taste (and aftertaste) and are crunchy, yummy goodness.

To be fair, Johnny was not a fan at all.  He couldn’t tell me why but he didn’t like them.  Joley, on the other hand, thinks they are “liscious” and even went  into the cabinet and pulled them out on her own.  Considering that they are low in calories (140 for 10 cookies), low in fat, contain protein, are a source of dietary fiber, and contain whole grains, that is just fine with me.  Mike was in agreement with me that they are really good and we both think they are a “buy again” product.

I would definitely recommend you give the Fruit Thins a try.  You and your family may have a new favorite cookie (and one that is better for you than the traditional cookies too!).

Disclosure: We received the product mentioned for the purpose of review through One2One Network. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. carol says

    I have bought these and are very good, they are gone and need to try another flavor next time.

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