Our time is over… Jemma has weaned and surgery information

I haven’t been saying much on here lately about my health and, if you follow me on Facebook, you may already know that there have been some things going on.  One of those things is severe joint paint.  The other is those nasty cysts causing problems.

My joints started hurting after I had Jemma.  Over the past year (yes YEAR!), I have had more and more problems to the point of not even being able to move at times.  All of my joints were giving me problems.  I went to the doctor and they ruled out a bunch of things but I still had no diagnosis.  I went to a specialist and he did more tests and what we found is that I have a pretty-rare condition… systemic tendinitis.  All of my tendons in my body are inflamed and irritated.  I had to start medication if I wanted to feel better.  What that meant is that Jemma had to wean. 

My goal with her was 12 months.  It is so hard for me to get anything with a pump so I knew I wouldn’t be pumping after that time anyway.  But, I was hoping to still nurse her at night.  With this medication and pain issue, I knew that wouldn’t happen.  Over the course of about 3 weeks, I dropped her feedings one at a time and she is now completely weaned. 

I breastfed my baby girl for 388 days.  I am proud of that!

The medicine the doc originally gave me did not work well and he has me on another that I can’t very long.  I will see what happens next week with that.  Oh, and those nasty cysts???

Yeah, I went to see my wonderful doctor about the pain with those and we talked about my options.  He felt an ablation would help so that is the first thing we were planning.  But, my cysts would continue to form.  He decided to take a look at my ovaries right then and found that I have a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst (the cyst ruptured and is leaking blood into my ovary) so my right ovary has to be removed. 

While this was a lot to take in (I was hoping to have the surgery over the summer and now have to do it sooner), I am very happy to know that this pain is going to stop soon.  With the ablation and the ovary gone, I will feel like a new woman.  I knew I was finished having babies long before this so the loss of these “parts” is no big deal.

So, my surgery is scheduled for the 30th of November.  It is supposed to be a one-day kind of thing and I am hoping it is because I have to be at work on Tuesday.  I decided to take Monday off just in case but I really can’t afford to be out more than that.

Anyone have these procedures before?  Any insight as to how my recovery will be?


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  2. Wanda says

    I’m surprised that then Dr chose to wait. I had an ovarian cyst which had wrapped around my Fallopian tube, which resulted in emergency surgery. I’m happy yours is a one day deal, I was in for three days. Your good to go girl!

  3. Alena Belleque says

    I’m so sorry you are having these issues, but I am glad you are getting answers and will feel better soon!

  4. says

    Way to go on breastfeeding for 388 days! I have not had your issues and I am so sorry you have been in so much pain. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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