Work with ToBeThode

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I am available to answer any questions you may have (email me at or complete the Contact Form below.  I look forward to talking to you about further PR work.

Overview of my policies:

Product Reviews:
Product reviews are generally posted within 4-6 weeks of receipt of item(s) but may vary depending on the items or review necessary. Items sent for review are not returnable and I will not be responsible for shipping and handling of the review item. Whenever possible, personal photographs will be included with a review as well as graphics from your site or of your choosing. Product reviews will include links to your store/website. Honest feedback is provided and items are tested by members of the Thode family. If, in the case of an unfavorable review, I will contact you prior to posting the review.

Whenever possible, I like to include product giveaways as readers enjoy them and it drives a significant amount of traffic to websites or products reviewed. A giveaway will run for a minimum of 2 weeks to offer the greatest exposure of your item. Your store/site will be linked in the giveaway. The first giveaway entry will require a visit to your store/site (whenever possible). I will not be responsible for any shipping or handling of giveaway items. I will email you the winner’s details and I ask that you ship directly to the winner and not to me. I will advertise the giveaway on no less than 5 other blogs, will post on Twitter and will include a link to the giveaway on the sidebar of my blog.  I will also offer a weekly link-up of giveaways drawing more attention to the giveaways offered on the blog.

I have options available for advertisment on To.Be.Thode.  Email me for my rates.

Sponsored Posts:
I will write sponsored posts for fee. Email me for my rates.

Sponsorship Opportunities: 
I occasionally attends blogging conferences. At these conferences, I attend the main conference events, break out sessions, and other social media events. If you would like your brand to be represented at any of those conferences, I would be pleased to work with you. Sharing information, using your product, providing swag, etc. are all ways that I can represent your company at a conference. Prices and participation can be adjusted to meet the needs of myself and the company offering sponsorship. Please be aware that I must follow the rules and regulations of any conference in regards to swag distribution.


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