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by Stefany on November 29, 2010

I have been working on ways to help my kids see the true meaning of Christmas for a few years.  Johnny is now 4 years old and starting to grasp that Christmas is the birth of Jesus.  Kenzie has taken steps to join the Catholic faith, as has her dad.  With these changes in our house, I think now is the best time to make the meaning of this holiday season ever present in our home.

We are doing it big this year.  As we unpacked the nativity sets last night, I was looking at the three Wise Men with the kids.  They were able to see that Jesus received 3 gifts on Christmas (his birth).  I told the kids that if Jesus only received three gifts, shouldn’t that be enough for them?

We have talked about this at length over the past few weeks actually but the visual with the Wise Men has really helped.  I want Christmas to have meaning and not be about how many gifts you get.  I also don’t want to spend so much money on gifts that my kids neither want or need.  We are sure this is going to help our kids understand the blessing of this holiday season.

So, my kids have been encouraged to choose 3 gifts that they would want most of all for Santa to bring.  We will still be stuffing their stockings with little things but there will only be 3 main gifts under the tree for each kid this year.  We are trying to make sure that those gifts are things the kids want and not things to fill space.  Of course, there is only so much you can do with those that don’t say what they want but we are trying to make this a special Christmas for our family.  In addition, it will help keep our finances in check at this time of year that so many people really stress their wallets and bank accounts.

This new tradition will be one that lasts and hopefully has an effect on my kids as they grow up.  Christmas is not about gifts… it is about The Gift.  Jesus.

Do you have any traditions?  I love to hear about other families’ traditions so please share!

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