School Nurse bulletin boards!

Even though I am not going to have a full-time home this year for school nursing, I do feel it is the nursing I was called to do. Today I wanted to share a few examples of bulletin boards I made last year in my elementary school. ¬†School nurse bulletin boards aren’t always the easiest to find examples of and I had to get a bit creative at times. Let me know what you think!

This was my very first bulletin board… the start to the school year. I wanted to get the kids some tips on staying healthy after a long, busy summer. These were all pre-made graphics but it was a quick board to get up in time for the open house. ¬†It could easily be replicated on your own.

School Nurse Bulletin Boards

school nurse bulletin board 1

This next one was one that I really worked long and hard on. I bought waves boarder, put a blue background and then asked my wonderful art teacher to draw me some fish. I then typed and printed health tips up and glued them to some of the fish. I laminated both the letters for the heading “Hooked on Health” and the fish too. I rolled up some brown paper for the fishing poll and put a piece of string to one of the fish. I loved this board and the kids did too!

hooked on health bulletin board

My next board was during November so I wanted to do something fun for “Turkey Day”. I asked one the preschool teacher if she would help me out and make some hand turkeys with the kids. She agreed and they turned out so cute! I put them up all over the board with the heading “Don’t Be A Turkey, Wash Your Hands”. The teachers got a kick out of that!

november school nurse bulletin board

My last bulletin board before Christmas was one for a short month so I wanted it to be short and sweet. I had some paper plate snowmen that the second grade had made (left over from a different project in the library) and added them on the background. I used cot paper (the paper the kids lay on for the cots) as snow. I cut out some snowflakes and trees and added those in too for some contrast. This was quick to make but I loved how it came out!

winter school nurse bulletin board

Bulletin boards made me very nervous at the beginning of the year. I found that having the kids help with projects really drew their interest to them boards. I used lamination whenever possible to save my work so I could use it again for the next year (letters, the fish, etc) and just had fun!


  1. Beverly Crews says

    Love your bulletin boards! I am also a nurse & did a lot of bulletin boards while working in a psych facility. You’ve got the idea, the best ones are when the students/patients are involved. In my case, when the patients help put them up, they were much less likely to tear them down when angry!

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