No more sleepless nights for me or my children!

I recently shared with you some exciting new in our household about using essential oils for our health needs.  Today, I have one update for you on how things are going.

Jemma has been on a pretty messed up schedule since we left the hospital.  After 20 days of weaning at all hours of the night, her sleep has been less than restful too.  Add major anxiety to the mix and I am one tired momma.  For most of February, I was up several times a night with her and felt like I was about to fall over.  After receiving my doTerra oils, I decided to give them a try on Jemma.  What did I have to lose?!?  I was already getting a couple hours of sleep a night.  It couldn’t get much worse!

doTerra Lavender

Lavender has many, many uses.  I have found that I use it quite a bit in my daily life.  But, the one thing that intrigued me the most is Lavender’s ability to calm and relax.  It is mild enough to be used on children, even without dilution.   doTerra Lavender is steam distilled from the flowering tops of plants from France (fine high altitude) and Bulgaria (super high altitude).  These are joined together in equal ratios. Lavender is used to help with anxiety, depression, and insomnia (plus many more other uses too).  I decided to give it a go with Jemma at night.  I started by putting a small amount of fragrance-free lotion in my palm and added 2 drops of Lavender to it.  I mixed it up and apply it all over Jemma’s body (arms, legs, chest, back, neck and feet).  Not only does she smell great, but she is nice and soft too.  Since Lavender is good for the skin as well, this is a good for her in more than one way.

doTerra Lemon

The other doTerra oil I have been using nightly on Jemma is Lemon.  Lemon is a fantastic oil and smells oh-so-good!  Lemon is commonly used for anxiety, clarity of thought, and relaxation (to name just a few).   Lemon can be applied without dilution (be careful in the sun for 12 hours after use though), even for kids.  doTerra Lemon Essential Oil is from the botanical family cultivar, grown in Italy and expressed from the peel of the fruit.Lemon is something that I love to infuse.  It just smells so good and if it aids in relaxation, I am all for it.  After I apply the Lavender to Jemma, I place two drops of Lemon in my palm and rub the bottom of her feet with it.  I am also going to try Citrus Bliss to see how she does.  Citrus Bliss is a blend of oils that is often used for the same things as Lemon.  Plus, it will smell so good infused!

So basically what is happening is that the Lavender essential oil is helping Jemma to fall asleep and the Lemon is helping her to stay asleep.  It is like a dream come true for me!

So, how do I know this is really helping?  Well, because I was lazy one night and it came back to bite me in the butt.  I have been using this two oils together at nighttime for awhile now.  I was tired one night earlier this week and didn’t do it.  I was up with her literally every hour.  She cried, fussed, and flat-out refused to sleep.  It was horrible.  I vowed never to go without the Lavender/Lemon again.  Since then, I have not been up with her more than once a night (which is still understandable considering all she has been through).  I have even had a few nights of her not waking at all.

Yes, you read that right.  We went from being up several times a night to sleeping through the night… and all I did was add doTerra Lavender and Lemon to our nightly routine.

Don’t be fooled by off-brand essential oils! If you are putting them on or in your body, you want the purest form of them. Why not get the best? Are you interested in learning more about how doTerra essential oils can help you??  Email me at and I will be happy to answer any questions for you! You can order them directly HERE!

This post, as well as others on this website, are my true experiences. I am a distributor of the company simply to get the discounts and can help you with that if you want it. If you don’t think that doTerra is for you, please check out other sources. I just want you to get what you are comfortable with and doTerra was it for me.

Disclosure:  I was not paid to write this post and I am an Independent Consultant for doTerra.  I am sharing this because it is something that I feel passionate about and want to share it with others.  


  1. says

    Sleep is very important to us, sometimes it is really problem for us especially to children, though children don’t have really a serious problem with sleeping as they are physically active, love to always play, when they get tired, they can sleep unlike adults. I quite believe on the good effects of oil.

  2. Trisha says

    I love oils. I filled a spray bottle with water then added 10 drops of lavender oil. I use it to spray pillow and sheets for a good nights sleep :)

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