Disclosure: We received advance tickets to see this movie. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


My kids have talked about Frozen for weeks. I have it on my calendar that we were going to see it and I heard daily that we were going “soon”. They were so excited when we finally were going to see the movie they had been waiting for!

Last night we saw Frozen and we had some mixed reactions in our house. I loved it, despite some very sad parts. My kids loved it and even Jemma stayed awake for the movie (that’s rare). But, my husband felt it was very depressing and said he wasn’t a fan.

I don’t want to give the story away to you but I agree that there are some very sad parts in the movie. In fact, the majority of the movie has sad parts. But, I also felt that there was plenty of funny scenes. I loved Olaf (seen above) and felt he brought humor to the movie even in parts of sadness or fear. I loved Sven (a reindeer) and he also was fun throughout. There is wit and humor spun throughout and I enjoyed that a lot!

I think my husband missed the mark, missed the point even, of the movie. This movie does have some sad and serious parts but the whole point is that love conquers all. The movie hits that on the head in more than one way. The love felt for Elsa by her sister is seen from the very first scene. The love Elsa feels is as well, despite what she goes through. There is love and friendship everywhere in this movie and I think it makes up for any sad parts.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. I loved the movie and would even like to see it again. My kids weren’t phased by any serious parts and found the funny outweighed anything else. They are still talking about the movie today. Don’t be swayed by my husband’s thoughts on it but do keep in mind that there are some sad, serious scenes throughout. In the end, you won’t be let down though. Everyone loves a happy ending!

Frozen can be seen in theaters now!

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Phineas and Ferb Mission Marvels is available NOW!

October 8, 2013

Johnny is going to go crazy about this release because it combines two of his favorite things… Phineas and Ferb and Marvel Super Heroes! Available in stores and online NOW! To make this release even better, each DVD comes with a free collectible comic book inside with an Exclusive Mission Marvel poster! Episodes include: 1 – “Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel” 2 – “Fly on the Wall” 3 – “Sidetracked (Part 1 and 2)” 4 – “Primal Perry (Part 1 and 2)” 5 – “Backyard Hodge Podge” 6 – “Where’s Pinky” 7 – “Knot My Problem/Mind Share” Johnny hasn’t asked yet but I am sure it is coming about when we will be getting this DVD. Have you seen it yet in stores? Will you be […]

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Are you ready for some DELIVERY MAN???

July 2, 2013

ToBeThode is one of 533 blogs out in the WWW that is sharing this awesome trailer with you!  Why, well 533 is one number that means a whole lot to David (played by Vince Vaughn)… that is the number of children he has unknowingly fathered when she made anonymous donations to a fertility clinic.  What then happens looks like it is going to be both funny and touching. I can.not.wait for this movie!!!  It is on my must-see list!  Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think! For those interested, 533 bloggers have joined together to share this trailer at the exact same time.  Fun, right?!?  The trailer was provided to ToBeThode by Disney.

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DVD Review! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Quest for the Crystal Mickey

June 20, 2013
Quest for the Crystal Mickey

I received a copy of the DVD mentioned for the purpose of review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. We were recently sent the DVD Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Quest for the Crystal Mickey and my kids were so excited.  There is something about Mickey Mouse that everyone just loves, right?  Well, this DVD was a big hit from the moment we received it when it was immediately put into the DVD player.  Johnny and Joley both really enjoyed it and have spent, literally, the past 10 minutes telling me about their favorite parts (my fault for asking! ha!). Join Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and all their pals in the newest Clubhouse crusade. When the legendary Crystal Mickey goes missing, Mickey and friends go on an adventure to […]

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Doc McStuffins : Time For Your Checkup DVD Review

May 29, 2013

Disclosure:  We received the DVD mentioned for the purpose of review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. Have you heard about the newest sensation, Doc McStuffins????  If not, where have you been?!?  I remember coming home from work one day and my mom telling me about how much Joley was in love with Doc McStuffins.  I had no idea what she was talking about, but it wasn’t long before I learned all about the coolest doctor to toys around.  We recently were sent the new DVD, Time For Your Checkup to review and it has literally been on in the van for weeks.  I know every episode, every song.  I haven’t really enjoyed a DVD or character as much as I have Doc McStuffins in a […]

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