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Walmart Family Mobile for Back to School #shop

I feel like a hypocrite. I really do. You see, I said I would never get a cell phone for an elementary school-aged child. But, things aren’t quite the same as when I originally stated that. Johnny is a busy kid. He has several after school activities he is involved in and has friends he likes to hang out with. The thing about this age is that I don’t have to be present for all of his activities. He is old enough to go alone sometimes. But, that also means that he needs to be able to get in touch with me or his dad. Enter the hypocrisy… I got my 8 year old a cell phone. I knew that I had to find a cheap wireless plan as money is tight and I really wanted an unlimited talk, text, and data plan so we didn’t run into unexpected fees.

We took off to Walmart for a phone. Yes, Walmart has phones and they have lots of them! You really can’t miss them actually as they are in the electronics section of the store and there is a nice big sign pointing you to them. We found the Walmart Family Mobile display and took a look at the phones available.

Walmart Family Mobile aisle #shop

I had a limit on what I would spend for this phone. I wanted him to have access to the internet (more on that in a bit) but I didn’t want to spend hundreds on that access. I was so excited to see the Alcatel One Touch Fierce on rollback for only $99.88! In addition to the phone, you have to purchase the starter kit for every phone you are activating with Walmart Family Mobile and that costs $25.00.

Fierce display #shop

We headed home with a very excited Johnny. I got online and activated the phone and received his new number. The plan we are under is truly the best deal I have heard of. For just $34.88 a month, you get unlimited talk, text, and web! This applies to the first line of your service only. The setup was super easy and took less than 10 minutes from start to finish. I had already charged his phone so it was time to let him have it.

So why do I give an 8 year old a phone? Well, as I mentioned he is involved in sports and after school activities. Last night he had a volleyball practice at his school.

Johnny volleyball #shop

Before he headed out to his practice though, I wanted him to be able to contact me in case I had to leave. I had both girls with me and knew it was entirely possible that I wouldn’t make it the whole practice with them in tow. We got all of his gear together but this time it also included the Alcatel One Touch Fierce!

volleyball gear

Johnny didn’t need to call me because I made it back in time to get him but I feel so much better knowing that he can if he needs to. Being able to be in contact with him for camps, sports, or other activities makes this mom breathe a little easier.

So, what about the phone? Well, it is pretty nice! It was very easy to set up for Johnny and I was able to set the restrictions for searching and internet use right on my Walmart Family Mobile account page. I know that Johnny can’t search for things that he shouldn’t see. But this brings me to reason number 2 why I allow my 8 year old to have a phone. Johnny, as most kids nowadays, uses the internet a lot for school. He can now use his very own phone to get information when he needs it. We have one computer so this is a great thing for our family.

Johnny with Phone #shop

Finally, the third reason I allow my 8 year old to have a phone is simply for communication. We don’t have a landline and I don’t want to give up my phone every time Johnny wants to chat with a friend. He made a new friend at camp this summer and has some friends from school that he likes to talk to. He can now talk or text them from his own phone and mine can be left for my own use. I think that allowing him to be in contact with his friends is important. He can be responsible and call them if he has a question about homework or his sports schedule. He can also call them himself and make plans (with my approval).

Johnny talking on phone #shop

I have restrictions on this phone, of course. I am not 100% okay with Johnny having the phone without them. He knows the rules and we will see how he does with it. In the end though, the phone is a great price, the plan is affordable, and my family is happy with the purchase. I would call that a good thing!

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It’s a new school year and I have 2 attending!

August 15, 2014
kids first day school

Wednesday was the first day of school here. We had all of our supplies ready to go and uniforms washed. It was just a matter of getting up and out the door. But, it was so much more this year. I now have 2 kids in school. Johnny started third grade this year and it was just like any other day of school. He got dressed and was ready to go. This is old business to him now. Joley, though, started Kindergarten. While I was an emotional wreck when Johnny started (which I blame in part to the pregnancy hormones pumping at the time), I was much calmer with Joley’s first day out of my house. I know her teacher because she was Johnny’s as […]

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It was a wonderfully blessed day!

May 6, 2014
Johnny First Communion on steps

One of the most rewarding things I have found in my life as a mother is seeing the presence of God in my kids’ lives. This past weekend was one of those moments where I was able to see it very brightly. Johnny made his First Communion on Saturday. He was dressed up and looking so handsome. Seeing his love for Jesus has been such an amazing thing for me. Watching him pray, sing his love, and be the sweet Christian boy I know he can be is one of the best things that has happened to me as a mother. My hope for him is that he will continue to grow in his love for Jesus and get to know Him more and more […]

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Minecraft Creeper Cake

May 2, 2014
creeper cake

Johnny’s birthday was Easter Sunday so we decided to celebrate a day early. I wanted to make his day extra special so I made him a cake from his favorite game, Minecraft. I will be honest in that I don’t know much about the game but he talks about Creepers and I found that easy enough to draw so this is what I made.   This was a very easy cake to make. I used a white whipped icing and Neon Food Coloring to achieve the green color. For the black, I used a sugar sheet (can be found at Walmart for a few dollars) in black. I cut out the pieces on regular paper, using an image I found online. I then used that […]

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A funny for you… Johnny’s Answer

December 17, 2013
funny answer

Johnny had to redo his homework last week because some answers were wrong. This one is really too funny not to share! While this is not what his teacher was looking for, I have to say that it is a pretty smart answer! He had to answer a math question and then explain how he got the answer. This is how he responded to that…  

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