It’s a new school year and I have 2 attending!

by Stefany on August 15, 2014

Wednesday was the first day of school here. We had all of our supplies ready to go and uniforms washed. It was just a matter of getting up and out the door. But, it was so much more this year. I now have 2 kids in school.

kids first day school

Johnny started third grade this year and it was just like any other day of school. He got dressed and was ready to go. This is old business to him now. Joley, though, started Kindergarten. While I was an emotional wreck when Johnny started (which I blame in part to the pregnancy hormones pumping at the time), I was much calmer with Joley’s first day out of my house. I know her teacher because she was Johnny’s as well and she is an amazing one. I know that Joley will do great this year.

Johnny third grade

It is still so hard to see my baby so big. I mean she literally went from being home with me every day to being in school… in just a matter of a day. Joley didn’t get to preschool (we didn’t have the money) and the only time she has ever been away from me for an extended amount of time is when Jemma was in the hospital. She went to Vacation Bible School but has no real school experience. It seems she grew up almost overnight.

Joley Kindergarten

She looks absolutely adorable in her uniform. I grew up in private school so seeing her in uniform brings me back. I remember waking up every day and having uniforms to wear. It was part of my childhood and something I am glad Joley will experience as well. She loves her jumpers too and that makes me smile.

Joley backpack

Jemma and I walked Joley to her classroom and listened to a story from her teacher. We gave her kisses and left her to go about her day. Thankfully, she said she loves school already. As for me and Jemma, well, we are going to spend this year getting to know each other better. We have never had any time alone (again, except when she was hospitalized) and it is about time that my baby girl had some mommy time. I am looking forward to a year of seeing all of my babies grow up… Johnny in third grade, Joley in Kindergarten, and Jemma at home with me.

girls first day of school

Are your kids in school yet? If not, when do they go back?

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Wordless Wednesday

May 21, 2014
Jemma scooter

I know it has been awhile since I shared a Wordless Wednesday with you but I have so many images that I want to share with you! Last week we had some nice weather and the girls were able to ride bikes/scooters in the carport. Of course, being the girls they are, they rode them in their dresses!     What are you up to this Spring?

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Happy Birthday to my BIG girl!

December 17, 2013
joley 5

Today is Joley’s 5th Birthday. Five years ago she decided, at 40 weeks exactly, that she was ready to come into this world and she has been a blessing to us ever since. She loves animals as much as I do and will tell anyone that asks that elephants are her favorite. She takes care of our elderly pup Sammi and is one of the most loving and compassionate kids I have ever seen. She is also very stubborn and head-strong. I can’t believe that my little baby is now 5 years old and will be starting school next year. Happy Birthday Joley Bear! We love you so much!

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Wordless Wednesday: Showing off my middle child

October 23, 2013
joley 1

I pulled out my camera and got some pictures of my middle baby, Joley. She will be turning 5 in December and has grown into such a sweet girl. As a middle child, I worry she gets pushed aside from time to time so I try to find time with just her whenever possible. She is even beautiful with her brother photobombing her picture!

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Wordless Wednesday : Meeting Rampage

October 9, 2013

We went to the ProPlan Incredible Dog Challenge this past weekend and it was so much fun! Here is a sneak peek of my post coming. Johnny and Joley were able to meet Rampage (the St. Louis Ram’s mascot)!

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