Tutorial: Promoting Your Page and Adding to your Business Page Circles in Google+

Promote your page!

Now that you have set up your business page on Google+, it is time to start promoting it.  Start by sharing your page with all the contacts you have in your personal profile. You will do this by clicking the “spread the word” button on the right side of the page.

Promote Google+

It would also be a good idea to write a blog post about your new page and share about it on Twitter and Facebook.   Adding a button to your blog would be a great option as well.  If you currently use GFC, I would suggest sending out a newsletter letting your followers know where they will be able to find you once GFC is gone.

Adding to your Google+ Business Circles

So, now you have some people following your Google+ business page.  The difference between a personal profile and a business profile is that you can add anyone on your personal page, but they must add you first for the business side.  Basically, once you have someone following your business page, you can add them to your circles!  There are two ways to do this…

Option 1:

Start on your business page.  Take a look at all the people you have listed as “Have {blog name} in their circles”.  You will see this under your profile image on the left side.

Google+ Circles

Now, click on any one of those people.  Once you are on their page, you can add them to your circle (this will be under your business page)!

Option 2:

This option is better if you are comfortable with people’s names.  If you need to see a profile to know who they are, the other way is better.

Click on Notifications under your profile image on your stream options.

Google+ Notifications

Once you open that page, you will see each new notification for each person that added you with the option to add people to your circles there!

A little note about circles on Google+:

In order to get the most out of Google+, you want to create specific circles of connections.  This is because you can share content directly with those circles, in addition to posting public updates. You can also view your streams by circles… you can filter the feed you see based on who is in different circles. So, consider creating circles based on specific characteristics of those members… Deal Bloggers, Review Bloggers, BSMB members, contributing bloggers, etc.

I would also recommend you check your page often to see who you can add into your own circles.  Basically, reciprocal circling.   Just follow the same directions as above.

Finally, once you have a circle created, consider sharing that circle with others if it is something that they fit into.   This will encourage them to follow those accounts.  Share wisely though and don’t overwhelm your followers!

Questions?  Let me know!

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    thanks for these- I am LOST on google circles, but need to add for blog, as GFC is not going to be available to everyone!

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