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Looking at my Facebook feed, I see that many of my friends have new puppies or adult dogs. As a dog mommy, one of the most important things I have done for my dogs is provide them with training. We have never had the opportunity to attend a training class but we did training on our own. With Elvis, I actually think some professional training may have been beneficial!

Elvis sleeping

Regardless, dog training classes are a great way to build a bond with your dog. Whether it be a puppy or older dog, your dog is never too old to learn new tricks (or manners). Training through PetSmart offers you a way to teach your pet with positive reinforcement and have fun doing it. PetSmart has Accredited Pet Training Experts that teach you what you need to know to have the best behaving dog. Plus, if you are not fully satisfied with your training results, they will keep working with you until you are!

petsmart training class

There are several different classes you can choose from no matter the age and experience of your dog.

Do you have a dog that could use some dog training? Are they begging at the dinner table, pulling on the leash when walking, or being destructive in the home? Do you have a baby on the way and want to make sure your dog listens when told what to do? Well, then I have the giveaway for you! One US winner will receive their choice of dog training classes (a $120 value). Enter in the widget below!


  1. Ericka Shervington says

    I would like the private class to address my dogs fear issues. she is so scared of my husband but we have no reason why… he tries to pet her and give her treats, but she sits like stone when ever he gets close. if private classes aren’t an option for this giveaway then I believe the beginner class should help her some.

  2. Alyssa Gibson says

    I would pick the beginner class. My pups very stubborn lol hope someone can help train him

  3. says

    I just got married and inherited my husband’s dog Chewy- who is unfortunately living up to his name!! He is a 4 year old German Wirehair Pointer/Border Collie/Queensland Heeler (all working dogs) who has NEVER had any training. I’ve been working with him for the last month. And he likes to learn. But man, he’s a pain. I need a group setting where I can work him with the distractions of other dogs/ people/ sounds/ smells. (Because that’s when he goes the most crazy.) And I definitely need an objective outside opinion of the Petsmart trainer to help me see what I can do better, so Chewy can learn to become a well-behaved member of the family. Because some days, UGH- this dog drives me crazy!! But I’m trying to be patient. And realize it’s not his fault that he’s never had any training. Long story short, I would seriously LOVE some help.

  4. says

    I would choose the intermediate training. My Yorkie, Trouble, sits and stays pretty well, and doesn’t do anything destructive or bark too much…Our issue is house-breaking. She is incredibly stubborn!

  5. Stephanie Sloim says

    I guess I would need the advanced training…my dog eats Everything in sight!!! And I need her to stop!!!

  6. Elizabeth Drake says

    I would choose Beginner Training! I love my dog, but she is a handful and really needs to be trained.

  7. elizabeth miller says

    Since we rescued a dog not long ago, we would definitely go with the beginner training class

  8. gen says

    intermediate or advanced i do not know which my granddaughter want for her 2 yearold doctor

  9. HollyY says

    I took my puppy to the orientation and it was great! We are starting the puppy class next week. If I won I would be able to sign him up fir the beginner class next. I was in awe of how good the trainer was with my golden and how quickly he learned her commands!

  10. April R. says

    My rescue dog Jax already took the Petsmart Puppy Training class and we learned so much!
    I would be enrolling him in the The Intermediate Training class this time.

  11. says

    We have a dog that is ready for some Intermediate training. We adopted Taco in September so he knows the basics by now (sit, down, stay).

  12. debbie says

    I would choose the additional training. I have a retired police dog, who has literally thousands of dollars of training, but no one taught her to walk on a leash really well.

  13. Angela Cash says

    I adopted one of my foster dogs several months ago and have been working with her on basic commands. The Intermediate Training class sounds like the perfect choice for her.

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