Am I worthy of God’s love?

lent, cross with nailsTonight, I had the most amazing experience at church.  I can honestly say that I have never felt the way I did this evening.  I have never been moved to tears and felt the presence of our Lord come over me in such a way.  I have never felt such peace.

Once a month, my church has a gathering called Inspire.  I have spoken of this before as I have been every month since it started.  These gatherings are the highlight of my month and I look forward to the day in which I will meet with friends for a night of faith, fellowship, and love.  Tonight, we were talked to about Lent and sang.  We discussed how Jesus died for our sins, He died so that we may live eternally with Him.   We can not have a relationship with God if we turn away from Him or if we sin.

The priest showed scenes from The Passion of the Christ.  While they were sad and upsetting, it was a dose of reality as well.  We were not meant to leave depressed, but happy that our Lord was willing to die for our sins.  We can’t hold onto sins and struggles.  We need to free those from ourselves so that we can live fully with Christ.  Any sin or struggle weighing us down was keeping us from having a relationship with Christ.  So, what are we to do?

The priest had an amazing way for us to free ourselves from the sins and struggles that weighed upon us.  Each person was given a small piece of paper.  On that paper, you were to write what sin(s) or struggle(s) you are dealing with that is keeping you from having a full relationship with Christ.  When you were finished, you were invited to come to the front and nail your sins to a cross that was prepared of wood, standing over 6 feet tall I imagine.  Each person in church, both young and old, walked up to the cross and nailed their sins to the cross… the same way Christ was nailed to the cross for our sins.  We were encouraged to pray and feel the weight being lifted off of us and to feel God’s love for us all.

When you finished with nailing your sin to the cross, you were given a large nail.  It is about 6 inches long and immediately brought to my mind the nails that must have been used on our Lord.  Hanging from the cross is the following writing:


A time to ponder your nail, your sin, your cross…

your Savior.

As I went back to my seat, I was overcome with emotion.  Holding that nail, I broke down into tears.  The tears were for the sins and struggles I wrote, the love I felt, His grace upon me and my friends, and my sorrow for Jesus choosing to die for me.  Am I worthy of His love?  I must be worthy of His love.  He died for me, for my sins, and so that I may live.  He gave me life because of the love he has for me.  I choose to live that life with Him in my heart, in my mind, and in my actions.  I am worthy and I will prove it.  Just wait.




  2. amanda bennett says

    I quickly came across this blog and was inspired by your writing. You ended with “I am worthy and I will prove it.”. Please don’t exhaust yourself trying to prove your worthiness as I have done in the past – rest and have peace knowing that you are worthy based on how God created you and your sins are covered by the death and resurrection.

  3. says

    This is such a moving post. I have a knot in my throat. What a great “exercise” to remind ourselves how big Christ’s sacrifice was for us.

  4. says

    Thanks for the great post. I just recently re-watched Passion of the Christ as well and I was truly amazed when it clicked how much He suffered through so we could be saved. Whenever I think about the mercy and love that he’s shown, I can’t help but cry.

    All who seek Him are worthy. Keep it up!

    Peace and Blessings!

  5. says

    What an awesome post. I had to reach for the tissues as I read how the emotion came over you as you held that nail in your hand. I can imagine how that must have felt in that moment. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Kara says

    Stef, what a beautiful and touching post.

    I only wish the Catholic church here was like what you describe, but sadly it isn’t.

    I’m so happy for you that you were able to feel this. Christ’s love for us is nothing short of amazing!!

  7. says

    Stefany – even though I’m not religious I wanted to read this post since you included it on the Saturday Sound Off – I knew it must be important if you did that. I grew up in the Catholic church and we really didn’t have a lot of things like this where you had an actual act to connect with things – it was just a lot of preaching to us I felt. I think it’s great that you have a church that is doing things like this!

  8. says

    What a beautiful and moving post. I too am Catholic and choose to make a sacrifice during lent. This is the least that I can do knowing all that was sacrificed for us.


  9. says

    Wow, that sounds like a very moving experience. I don’t think our church has ever done something like that.

    Thanks for stopping by Healthy Moms and leaving us a comment!

  10. says

    Oh, man. The Passion of the Christ was an amazing yet terrible movie at the same time. It was so heartwrenching to see how Jesus suffered for me, and I don’t reciprocate the sentiment at all times. (This makes sense in my mind.)

  11. says

    It is so amazing to realize (as best we can) that Christ died for us because He loved us and paid our sin debt when He died and rose again. It is due to nothing we did or ever can do. Simply, His amazing grace!
    I love the picture of nailing our to a cross because you are so right, it keeps us from a relationship with Him and from doing all that He has for us to do here!
    Thanks for sharing this – what a wonderful encouragement to start my day off with!

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