Capturing Family Portraits with JC Penney Portrait Studios

Over the years, I have had more than my share of pictures that have hit the fate of a delete button.  As a mom of 6 kids, I have tried and succeeded in taking many pictures too.  There are a few tips I wanted to share with you about things I have learned over the years.

  • Don’t hit that delete button too fast (or at all).  Keeping even those that aren’t “perfect” can make lasting memories.
  • Candid photos are often some of the best.  Seeing your family act naturally is a beautiful thing to have as a memory.
  • If you want to do a theme, do it right… do it all the way.  Being matchy-matchy is okay sometimes but keep that to the kids.
  • Boys and girls can match in photos.  Keep it simple though with some coordinating fabrics/patterns.
  • Don’t fret about your kids smiling in the family photo.  Take it and be happy with what you get.
  • Have a crying child during your family photo?  Remember that it is one moment in time and will make for a funny story later.
  • Don’t forget to capture photos of babies getting older.  All too soon they will be walking, talking, and acting more grown-up than you care to see.  You will want to look back and see those sweet baby pictures.  Trust me on this one.
  • If you do a family photo, consider doing it the same time each year.  Whether it be at Christmas time or any other throughout the year, at least do your family photo once a year at the same time.
  • Don’t count on kids’ school pictures to be enough.  Snap your own!

JCPenney Portrait Studios is one of those places you may decide to head for some great family photos.  Now is a great time to do so too!  The JCPortraits April promotion is $20 for 6 traditional portrait sheets (mix and match size and images) as well as one free $9 sitting fee.  You can’t beat that!!  With a deal like that, you have no excuse… get those family pics now!  You can find a location near you with the location finder on the website.

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  1. Lisa Shaw says

    AWWW I JUST MISSED IT!!! DOH!!! I was just telling Charlie we need to get our pics done again… 😛 Oh well. I’ll look and see what they offer now. 😀

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    • Jean Scott says

      I totally agree, the photos are so amazing. This is what makes me keep coming back to this blog.

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